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    VIDEO: Boeing M-SHORAD Air Defense System

    Boeing M-SHORAD

    The Department of Defense posted a video today of last year’s demonstration of Boeing’s M-SHORAD (Maneuver – Short Range Air Defense Systems) system at White Sands Missile Range. M-SHORAD is an air defense system developed by Boeing that is mounted on General Dynamics’ Stryker combat vehicle (Stryker MSL – Manuever SHORAD Launcher). The air defense […] More

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    Ace Uniforms Awarded Contract for National Guard M9 Holsters

    M9 Holster

    The U.S. Army has awarded ACE Uniforms & Accessories Inc. of San Diego, California for 85 M9 holsters to be used by the National Guard – Georgia, reports FedBizOpps.gov. The contract award dollar amount for the holsters is $7,279.62 for an average of $85.64 per holster. The award is for two configurations: 1. M9 Holsters […] More

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    Marines to Receive New Amphibious Combat Vehicles

    Marine Corps Systems Command has awarded a contract to BAE Systems to produce Amphibious Combat Vehicles for the modernization of the Marine Corps’ ground combat element. The contract options worth $198 million will allow BAE Systems to build 30 low rate production vehicles for delivery starting in the fall of 2019. The current Assault Amphibious […] More

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    Outdoor Brands Featured in Movie 12 Strong

    12 Strong Products

    Outdoor brands Carhartt, Cabela’s and REI were recently featured in the movie 12 Strong. The movie follows a US Special Forces team into the cold mountains of Afghanistan in the weeks after the September 11th attacks of 2001. During this time, US Special Forces apparently were not equipped with cold weather gear. Only the Army’s […] More

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    Marine Force Recon and EOD to Receive Next Gen Binoculars

    Next Gen Binoculars

    U.S. Marines will soon have better situational awareness on missions in dark areas thanks to new night vision goggles. The Binocular Night Vision Goggle II, or BNVG II, is a helmet-mounted binocular that gives operators improved depth perception at night, and uses white phosphor Image Intensification technology to amplify ambient light, with a modular thermal […] More

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    MARSOC Seeking Promotional Items for Recruiting

    MARSOC Marine Raiders Logo

    MARSOC (Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command) is seeking to purchase promotional items to be used for recruiting purposes, according to a Solicitation at FedBizOpps.gov. Specifically, MARSOC is seeking to purchase thousands of stickers, lanyards, koozies, mobile device pockets, carabiners, bandanas, hats and other products with MARSOC and Marine Raider logos. See the solicitation notice […] More

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    Luminox ANU 4220 Series Watch Review

    Luminox ANU Series 4220 Watch

    The ANU stands for Authorized for Navy Use, a nod to the U.S. Navy’s classification for gear that has passed design safety reviews, testing and evaluation to ensure acceptability for use by the Navy. And what we are talking about here is acceptability for use by U.S. Navy divers and Navy SEALs. The Luminox brand […] More

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    Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport Vehicles


    By 2025, dismounted Soldiers will conduct foot patrols alongside robots called Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport, or SMET, vehicles that carry rucksacks and other equipment that will lighten the load for Soldiers, according to Brian McVeigh, project manager for Force Protection. In order to get these to warfighters sooner rather than later, the U.S. Army is […] More

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    US Army to Award Contracts for Sub Compact Weapons

    The U.S. Army has announced thirteen contenders for a new concealable Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) to be used by PSD (Personal Security Detail) teams for protecting individuals and groups in dangerous situations. The Army is awarding contracts to thirteen companies (listed below) to purchase weapons for further testing and evaluation. The Army believes the weapons […] More

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    Marine Corps Seeking Over the Snow Vehicles for Bridgeport

    Over the Snow Vehicles

    The U.S. Marine Corps is soliciting bids for Over the Snow vehicles for use at the Mountain Warfare Training Center located in Bridgeport, California, according to a notice at FedBizOpps.gov. FedBizOpps.gov reports: The Regional Contracting Office-MCI WEST, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA, has a requirement for six Over the Snow (OTS) vehicles for the […] More

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    Military Domains for Sale

    Military Domains For Sale

    TacticalBrand.com has the following military-related domains for sale, www.militaryvideos.com, www.meusoc.com and www.militaryroyale.com. Contact us at tacticalbrandusa@gmail.com for more information. MilitaryVideos.com: $5,000 Whether you’re featuring historical military videos, or new military videos recorded on today’s battlefields via GoPro cameras and camera phone, this is absolutely the best domain for your website. Or you can create your […] More

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